All-inclusive Valloire Package "Transport + Ski pass"

Save on your holiday budget by choosing our all-inclusive package “Transport + Ski pass”, at an affordable price

Make your life easier

Planning your holiday in the mountains is usually a real headache. Between the preparation of your itinerary, your vehicle, or the purchase of the ski pass, it happens to spend more time organizing your holidays than the duration of your stay.

Because your holiday in Valloire must above all be a time of relaxation, we provide you with our ski pack. Including both your transport and your ski pass, save time by booking it in advance, directly on our website.

Reach the slopes without pitfalls

From your Valloire trip to your ski pass reservation, we take care of everything. Between carpooling, shared shuttle, VTC and private van, you are free to choose the most suitable transport for you.

Once dropped off at the bottom of the slopes, there is no need to queue at the checkout of our resort. Your only concern will be to hurry down our 160 km of trails as soon as possible !

Enjoy preferential rates

By booking directly on our website, take advantage of more than advantageous rates on your package. With our Valloire package “Transport + Ski pass”, save on your ski holiday. And this even during school holidays or at the last minute !

By anticipating all your expenses, no more surprises. With our all-inclusive package, evaluate at a quick glance your entire travel budget. What to enjoy your holiday to the full !

To fully enjoy your ski holiday in Valloire, 
book now our all-inclusive package!

By booking in advance our Valloire package “transport + ski pass”,
simplify in a few clicks the entire organization of your vacation on Valloire.